Attracting Guests in the Off-Season: Tips for Year-Round Bookings in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Attracting Guests in the Off-Season: Tips for Year-Round Bookings in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale has almost 50 days more sunshine on average than the rest of the U.S.!

For this reason, even during the off-season, it is an amazing holiday destination. It boasts a rich cultural heritage, and there is much to see and explore.

However, attracting guests during the off-season can be hard. Fort Lauderdale has a competitive market, so you need to stand out.

Luckily, this article provides some great tips for increasing bookings all year round. Let's take a look!

A Deal They Cannot Refuse

An easy way to attract more bookings for your rental property during the off-season is to offer deals. Off-season pricing attracts budget-conscious visitors and will help you stay ahead of competitors.

You can also offer a flexible cancellation policy on off-season bookings. This encourages customers to book even if they aren't sure of their plans.

Once they have already booked, they are much less likely to cancel!

Exploring Local Life

Fort Lauderdale has an amazing array of activities throughout the year. So highlighting local events is a great way to offer your guests a unique experience.

Along with this, you can point out the great local amenities, such as shopping and sports. This will give them a taste of life as a local and make their experience more authentic.

There are so many amazing eateries around Fort Lauderdale. Try partnering with local bars and restaurants. You can give discounts on food in exchange for promoting their business to guests.

This helps increase the value of your guest's stay, and they can enjoy a great meal during their trip.

Do a Listing Makeover

If you have had your listing up for a while, it is worth updating it to make it stand out. Invest in some nice professional photos, which showcase the property's unique features.

Having a well-thought-through listing shows potential guests that you care. If they perceive you as more trustworthy, then they are more likely to book!

You could also consider marketing to a target audience, rather than general tourists.

Market yourself as a romantic getaway, or as a haven for stressed working parents.

Having this audience in mind can help you be more concise with your online adverts. Use this to build a social media presence to reach your audience more effectively.

Work With Real Estate Professionals

Although the above points will help you get more bookings, it can be time-consuming to do it all yourself. Working with a property management company will allow you to do less and earn more!

They can take charge of vacation rental bookings, organizing cleaning, and client communication.

They will also know how best to market your property in the local area. So you are more likely to get off-season bookings.

Master Attracting Guests in the Off-Season

Attracting guests in the off-season can be tricky, especially in a busy rental market like Fort Lauderdale. But using the tips above, you will soon find yourself with lots more vacation rental bookings.

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